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Peter Gumaer Ogden

Peter Gumaer Ogden

Utica, NY


Peter has diligently produced visual art from his earliest years.

When he was nine years old he received his first camera as a premium for selling seeds door to door for the American Seed Company.

Antiques and historic architecture figures prominently in Peter's imagery.

In 1990 Peter began travels to throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America spending months in Honduras and Mexico including primitive regions of Chiapas. For several years he continued traveling in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico collecting art and taking photographs.

Peter has now lives in Utica, N.Y. in the beautiful rural foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. For the past few years Peter has photographed images of Utica while walking and bicycling the entire 275 mile street scape of the city [ some streets required several visits ], for his photography project which can be found by googling "Signs of Utica".


American Bison by George Catlin


Impressionist Tropical Rain Forest Toucan by Unknown


Hummingbird Gathering by Ernst Haeckel


Blue Breast Hummingbird by John Gould


Angel with blue flowers by Doris W Keith


Tree of Life Continental Tapestry with snakes snails and a dragon by Unknown


A Cupid and a Baby Dancing Bear in the Flower Garden by Frederick S Church


Vintage Victorian Distressed Rustic Coffee Chocolate Dont Care Ice Cream Soda Fountain Sign by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Mughal Empire Persian Elephant by Bichtar


Shoeless Joe Jackson with Victor the Mills Industrial Team of Greer South Carolina by Unknown


Babe Ruth and the Boston Red Sox 1915 by Unknown


Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth New York Yankees 1927 by Unknown


Mickey Mantle 44th Home Run Baseball August 12 1961 by Unknown


National League Park Giants vs Chicago Cubs August 30 1908 by George Lawrence Company


Blue Chinese Dragon by Unknown


Renaissance European Dragons by Unknown


Dr Whites Tonic Curative by Unknown


Sunset Dogwoods Neo Tiffany Window by Louis Comfort Tiffany and Peter Gumaer Ogden


Continental Romantic Blue and White Ceramic Tile Depicting an Asian Elephant with Mahouts and Birds by Unknown


Cherokee Roses on a Purple Cloth by Martin Johnson Heade


Yummy Butterscotch and Red Candy Roses by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Allen and Ginter Victorian Tennis Cigarette Card by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Ancient Bejeweled Nepalese Mandala by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Two Fairies Embracing with a Swan by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Antique Portuguese Folk Art Tile Mosaic of Windmills Castles Camel Hound Deer Wolf Lion and Galleon by Peter Gumaer Ogden


The Rocks of Cape Ann by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Succulent Hens and Chickens by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Antique Continental Golden Pineapples by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Early Medieval Tribal Panel with Birds Dancers Flowers and Foxes by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Fairy with Butterfly Wings by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Occupations of Women and their Compensation by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Luscious Neo Baroque Hot Pink Bubblegum Damask by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Manjuvara Thangka Mandala by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Los Angeles Motor Car Show 1917 Chanler Motor Car by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Little Girl with Bird and Cats by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Krupps Guns and Armaments at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Heirloom Violet and Lavender Continental Floral by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Blue Chameleons by Peter Gumaer Ogden


French Victorian Decorative Botanical Panel by Peter Gumaer Ogden


George B Grants Calculating Machine 1876 by Peter Gumaer Ogden


American Civil War Union Army Brass American Eagle Emblem by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Cows Grazing Amidst the Monterey Cypresses by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Victorian Flower Garden by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Catskill Mountains by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Vintage Japanese Panel with Lilies Chrysanthemums and Peonies by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Calamity Jane by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Tribal Inca Peruvian Pre Columbian Tapestry by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Moroccan Arabesque Decorative Panel by Peter Gumaer Ogden