Peter Gumaer Ogden







Peter Ogden

Peter Gumaer Ogden

Utica, NY


Peter has diligently produced visual art from his earliest years.

When he was nine years old he received his first camera as a premium for selling seeds door to door for the American Seed Company.

Antiques and historic architecture figures prominently in Peter's imagery.

In 1990 Peter began travels to throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America spending months in Honduras and Mexico including primitive regions of Chiapas. For several years he continued traveling in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico collecting art and taking photographs.

Peter has now lives in Utica, N.Y. in the beautiful rural foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. For the past few years Peter has photographed images of Utica while walking and bicycling the entire 275 mile street scape of the city [ some streets required several visits ], for his photography project which can be found by googling "Signs of Utica".


African American Boys in Jacksonville Florida 1870s by Unknown


Three 1880s Midwestern Ruffians by Unknown


Anglo Sailor in China ca 1890 by Unknown


High Wheeled Bicyclists 1885 by Unknown


12th Century Christian Crusaders by Unknown


Cycles Sirius Art Nouveau Poster by Unknown


Optometry Lab Photo from the 1980s by Unknown


Edwardian Cat Wedding Day Celebration March by Unknown


Monumental Japanese Zen Buddha by Unknown


Pets by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Nortenos Surenos Viva Rufino Tamayo Simon by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Adirondack Nude Goddess circa 1969 by Unknown


Wrecked 1958 Sixty Special Cadillac by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Vintage Medical Human Skull Anatomy Chart by Unknown


Celtic Harp by Peter Gumaer Ogden


1925 Peerless Straight 8 by Unknown


Black Cat Crossing by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Abandoned Industrial Power Plant No 2 by Peter Ogden


Maria Louise Forbes Hotchkiss Mulock by Unknown


Zen Buddhism I by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Batter Up by Unknown


Elaine's Restaurant Manhattan by Unknown


Elvis Presley on Fire by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Reb Demolition by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Ain't No Issue Bro by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Antique Victorian Pigs Lithograph by Unknown


Sunflower Brand by Unknown


1868 Manual of Geography Downton Abbey Style by Unknown


Victorian Calf Chromolithograph by Unknown


Ivy League Football Team 1888 by Unknown


Fancia Matador California Oranges by Unknown


California Poppy and Cliff House San Francisco 1910 by Unknown


Vintage Limos at Manhattan's Plaza Hotel by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Mars this Way or Last Flight Out by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Edwardian Cats in Love by Thiele


Yakima Chief Apples by Unknown


Gadsden Purchase 1850s New Mexico Map by Unknown


1929 Locomobile by Unknown


Vintage Greyhound Lemon Crate Label by Unknown


Santa Fe Reaper by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Victoria Brand Sunkist Oranges by Unknown


Vintage Sunkist Tom Cat by Unknown


Haunted Victorian House by Peter Gumaer Ogden


The Great Bloomingburg Oak Tree Bloomingburg Orange County New York by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Three Dimensional 1953 Folk Art Bear Head by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Mindful Banking in Santa Fe by Peter Gumaer Ogden


The Horse Victorian Chromolithograph by Unknown


Joseph and His Breathren by Unknown