Peter Gumaer Ogden







Peter Ogden

Peter Gumaer Ogden

Utica, NY


Peter has diligently produced visual art from his earliest years.

When he was nine years old he received his first camera as a premium for selling seeds door to door for the American Seed Company.

Antiques and historic architecture figures prominently in Peter's imagery.

In 1990 Peter began travels to throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America spending months in Honduras and Mexico including primitive regions of Chiapas. For several years he continued traveling in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico collecting art and taking photographs.

Peter has now lives in Utica, N.Y. in the beautiful rural foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. For the past few years Peter has photographed images of Utica while walking and bicycling the entire 275 mile street scape of the city [ some streets required several visits ], for his photography project which can be found by googling "Signs of Utica".


Through the Hills in Southwest Texas 1911 by Peter Ogden


1951 Humorous United States of Texas Map with Mythical Texas Animal Mutants by Peter Ogden


1842 Jeremiah Greenleaf Pioneer Map of Texas with Forts and Indian Lands by Peter Ogden


1846 Map of the U S including Oregon Texas Old California and New California by Peter Ogden


Texas Ranger Company F Law Enforcement Badge 1919 by Peter Ogden


1860 Civil War Era County Map of Indian Territories Texas and Galveston Bay by Peter Ogden


Texas Central Route and Pioneer Line County Railroad Map 1875 for Emigrants by Peter Ogden


California Wine Board 1950s Wine Land of America Number 5 by Peter Ogden


California Wine Board 1950s Wine Land of America Number 4 by Peter Ogden


California Wine Board 1950s Wine Land of America Number 3 by Peter Ogden


California Wine Board 1950s Wine Land of America Number 2 by Peter Ogden


Geronimo Apache Warrior With a Texas Dance Revolver circa 1900 by Peter Ogden


Texas Rangers at Rio Grande City Texas circa 1885 by Peter Ogden


Texas Rangers on the Road with horses in trailer 1930s by Peter Ogden


Davy Crocketts 1838 Almanack of Wild Sports in the West by Peter Ogden


Sam Houston 1844 Texas Treasury Warrant for Indian Purposes by Peter Ogden


S P Elkins Oldest Known Texas Ranger 1935 by Peter Ogden


In the Hills of Southwest Texas 1912 by Peter Ogden


On The Old Blanco Road Southwest Texas Cowboys 1911 by Peter Ogden


Texas Guinan 1919 Queen of the Burlesque Night Clubs by Peter Ogden


Yachting at Laguna Beach California 1921 by Peter Ogden


Reachs Official 1896 Baseball Guide by Peter Ogden


Queerie Queers with Hands Wings and Claws 1887 by Peter Ogden


Comstock Lode Virginia City Nevada in the 1880s Greatest Precious Metal Find in History by Peter Ogden


California Wine Board 1950s Wine Land of America Number 1 by Peter Ogden


Dallas Texas Official 1875 City Map Blueprint Butterfield and Rundlett by Peter Ogden


1864 Confederate States of America 500 Dollar Bill with Stonewall Jackson Portrait by Peter Ogden


Two Little Braves of the Sac and Fox Tribe A Frank Rinehart Platinotype circa 1900 by Peter Ogden


Carmel Mission San Carlos Barromeo 1919 James Aylward by Peter Ogden


Art Nouveau Guardian Angel Stained Glass circa 1895 by Peter Ogden


Haida Northwest Coast Native American Orca Painting by Peter Ogden


Gay Knights in Shining Armor circa 1960 by Peter Ogden


African American Tuskeegee Airman Edward M Thomas 1945 by Peter Ogden


Abraham Lincoln 1859 Havana Cigar Label by Peter Ogden


Frida Kahlo with Agave 1937 by Peter Ogden


Christ on the Mount of Olives by Peter Ogden


Sitting Bull Late 19th Century Hand Colored Photograph by Peter Ogden


Nude Japanese Victorian Women in the Bath circa 1880 by Peter Ogden


Rare circa 1880 photograph of a public sumo wrestling match in japan by Peter Ogden


Marsh Landscape 1905 by Peter Ogden


Pastoral Landscape 1885 by Peter Ogden


Cloud Shadows 1911 by Peter Ogden


Rainbow Nautilus Shell by Peter Ogden


Forest Interior with Foxgloves 1920 by Peter Ogden


The Geysers Sonoma California 1865 by Peter Ogden


White Head Monhegan Maine 1890 by Peter Ogden


The Morning Stars 1887 by Peter Ogden


Isles of Shoals 1891 by Peter Ogden