Peter Gumaer Ogden







Peter Ogden

Peter Gumaer Ogden

Utica, NY


Peter has diligently produced visual art from his earliest years.

When he was nine years old he received his first camera as a premium for selling seeds door to door for the American Seed Company.

Antiques and historic architecture figures prominently in Peter's imagery.

In 1990 Peter began travels to throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America spending months in Honduras and Mexico including primitive regions of Chiapas. For several years he continued traveling in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico collecting art and taking photographs.

Peter has now lives in Utica, N.Y. in the beautiful rural foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. For the past few years Peter has photographed images of Utica while walking and bicycling the entire 275 mile street scape of the city [ some streets required several visits ], for his photography project which can be found by googling "Signs of Utica".


1925 Art Deco Ravel Motorcar Advertising Poster by Lucien Pillot


1928 Statendam Cruise Ship Art by Adolphe Cassandre


Buenos Vecinos Buenos Amigos 1944 Mexican American Friendship by Pablo O Higgins by Pablo O Higgins


1956 Dubonnet Poster by Adolphe Cassandre


1942 Civil Defense Poster by Charles Coiner by Charles Coiner


Schneeberg Bahn Bei Wien Railway Austria 1905 by Unknown


Tasmanian Railways Poster by J. M. Proctor 1905 by J M Proctor


Isabella Countess of Buchan by Dundee Artist Stewart Carmichael 1908 by Stewart Carmichael


Womens Field Hockey Team Colorado University 1900 by Unknown


Leon Molon Vinot and Deguingand French Grand Prix Dieppe 1912 by Unknown


Salon des artistes decorateurs grand palais Jean DuPas 1882 by Jean Dupas


Small Mouthed Black Bass of Michigan Anatomy 1881 by Unknown


Marthas Vineyard Railroad and Steamship 1870 by Unknown


1929 Boeing Clipper Vintage Flying Circus Poster by Unknown


Pansies by Charles Lemaire from L'illustration Horticole Vol 1 1854 by Charles Lemaire


North India Dancers by Pahari of Rajasthan 1800 by Unknown


Maori Warrior Chief Ngatimaru Tribe 1890 by Arthur James


Vintage Distressed Nuclear War Fallout Shelter Sign by Unknown


The Raymond Hotel Pasadena California 1881 by Jarvis of Pasadena


North Indian Shamanic Hoodoo Wizards 1880 by Unknown


World War I Gas Mask Man by Unknown


Victorian Military Street Biker with Rifle 1890 by Unknown


American Gypsy Acoustic Guitar Woman at Lansing Iowa 1895 by Unknown


Indian Motorcycle 1920s by Unknown


Victorian Cigar Smoking Acoustic Guitar and Mandolin Playing Dudes at Noblesville Indiana 1880 by Unknown


Daguerreotype of a Woman with an Acoustic Guitar circa 1845 by Unknown


Cowboy Silhouette at the Grand Canyon by Unknown


Eau de Roses Antique Parisian Perfume Art by Unknown


Cat Catching a Frog by Kawanabe Kyosai Japanese Meiji Period by Kawanabe Kyosai


Kanzeonbosatsu Merciful Goddess by Kawanabe Kyosai Japanese Meiji Period by Kawanabe Kyosai


Pheasant Snake and Hawks by Kawanabe Kyosai Japanese Meiji Period by Kawanabe Kyosai


Giant Cat by Kawanabe Kyosai Japanese Meiji Period by Kawanabe Kyosai


Kabuki Dancers by Kawanabe Kyosai Japanese Meiji Period by Kawanabe Kyosai


Cats Sketch Kawanabe Kyosai Japanese Meiji Period by Kawanabe Kyosai


Kittens With Violets Victorian Print by Unknown


Three Rabbits Kawanabe Kyosai Japanese Meiji Scroll Painting 19th Century by Kawanabe Kyosai


The Wink Six Black Pussy Cats by Louis Wain


Sleeping Cat Kawanabe Kyosai Japanese Meiji Period by Kawanabe Kyosai


Japanese Meiji Period Dancing Feral Cat with Wild Animal Friends by Kawanabe Kyosai


Industrial Factory Workers Stringer Bar and Company Munnsville New York 1886 by Unknown


Civil War Era Boy with His Pet Owl Tintype by Unknown


The Black Cat Rag 1905 Sheet Music Art by Unknown


Tiddledy Winks Funny Victorian Cats by Unknown


Dame Trot and Her Comical Cat 1890 by Unknown


Savon Le Chat Antique French Poster by Unknown


Somalian Warriors 1870 by Unknown


Raven Spooky Bird Mandala by Peter Gumaer Ogden


The Shamrock Top of the Morning to You St Patricks Day Zeppelin by Clapsaddle