Peter Gumaer Ogden







Peter Ogden

Peter Gumaer Ogden

Utica, NY


Peter has diligently produced visual art from his earliest years.

When he was nine years old he received his first camera as a premium for selling seeds door to door for the American Seed Company.

Antiques and historic architecture figures prominently in Peter's imagery.

In 1990 Peter began travels to throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America spending months in Honduras and Mexico including primitive regions of Chiapas. For several years he continued traveling in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico collecting art and taking photographs.

Peter has now lives in Utica, N.Y. in the beautiful rural foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. For the past few years Peter has photographed images of Utica while walking and bicycling the entire 275 mile street scape of the city [ some streets required several visits ], for his photography project which can be found by googling "Signs of Utica".


Happy St Patricks Day Irish Jig by Unknown


London Northwestern Railway Company Motor Omnibus 1907 by Unknown


Prohibition Happy Days are Beer Again by Unknown


Waiting to Weigh Cotton Ramsey Prison Farm Huntsville Texas 1968 by Unknown


United States Marine Corps Combat Soldier with Doberman by Unknown


Mexican War 1910 by Unknown


Puebla and Veracruz Railroad Puebla Mexico 1885 by Unknown


Sandy River and Rangely Lakes Railroad with Kennebago Bus Company Engine 1920 by Unknown


Young Gunslingers 1950 by Unknown


Saint Patricks Day Prayer Drive the Snakes Out of Washington D C by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Got Gremlins? by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Alabama Civil War 1863 Corpse No 22 Toe Tag by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Arizona U S 66 Starburst Sign by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Green Pistachio Ice Cream Happy St Patricks Day by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Got Zika? by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Defending Liberty 1 by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Justice for Immigrants II by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Justice for Immigrants I by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Pioneer Women by Peter Ogden


Vintage Optician Eye Test 1939 by Unknown


Double Death by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Her Pet by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Civil War Era Pioneer Mormon Family by Unknown


Mind is Everything Buddha I by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Satorian Buddha II by Peter Ogden


Victorian Boy with Pug Dog and Tricycle Circa 1900 by Unknown


Young Girl with Cat 1882 by Emile Munier


Dorado Zen Buddha by Peter Ogden


Accordion Scrapper Man by Unknown


Satorian Buddha I by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Dancing Victorian Puss n Boots by Unknown


Falling Leaves Buddha by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Miroku Bosatsu Shingon Buddha 7th Century Japan by Peter Gumaer Ogden


Lotus Buddha by Peter Gumaer Ogden


1927 Jordan Motor Car by Unknown


Buddha At Samarkand Persian Hotel Santa Barbara California 1910 by Unkown


1926 Overland Motor Car San Francisco California by Unknown


Victorian Boy in Fancy Wicker Chair with two Cats by Unknown


Young Ladies Dancing the Charleston on top of a Willys Knight Motorcar 1926 by Unknown


Hot Air Balloon Race 1920s by Unknown


Farmer Squirting Milk From Cow into Cats Mouth 1900 by Unknown


Arizona Cowboy with His Gun and Chaps at the Log Cabin Bar Tempe Arizona 1924 by Unknown


Antique San Francisco Policeman Market Street 1918 by Unknown


German Military Officers Zeppelin Crew 1913 by Unknown


Golden Pavilion of Jehol Rehe Chicago Worlds Fair 1933 by Unknown


1922 Hudson Automobile by Unknown


Meditative Buddha Japanese Watercolor 1910 by Unknown


God Save the Queen H M S Redpole by Unknown